How to automatically create a README for your Neovim config

Showcase your leaderkey, plugin manager, plugins and language servers from your Neovim config on your GitHub readme.

How it works

Dotfyle generates custom markdown based on metadata from your Neovim config.
# Title
- plugin count badge
- leaderkey badge
- plugin manager badge

## Install instructions

## Plugins

## Language Servers
You can change the markdown to your needs before saving it to GitHub. If you don't want to use the generated readme, you can use just the Dotfyle badges showcasing the number of plugins installed, your plugin manager, and your leaderkey.

How to find your README

Navigate to your Neovim config on Dotfyle at profile > config . If you're logged in you will have an option to navigate to your readme. If not, you can add /readme to the end of the url. Copy the markdown from this page and use it on your GitHub readme. A good way to find your config page is to login.

Configs with Dotfyle generated README

These neovim configs added the Dotfyle generated README to their GitHub. The list updates once a day.