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1 init.lua Lazy 23
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Neovim configuration for all kinds of development with rock solid defaults! (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)

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Solve Leetcode problems within Neovim.

0 0 competitive-programming

Allows you to run command line tasks in the background and be notified of results.

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Nvim Treesitter configurations and abstraction layer

6999 454 syntax

Quickstart configs for Nvim LSP

7119 439 lsp

plenary: full; complete; entire; absolute; unqualified. All the lua functions I don't want to write twice.

1533 432 nvim-dev


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🍨 Soothing pastel theme for (Neo)vim

2869 172 colorscheme

🏙 A clean, dark Neovim theme written in Lua, with support for lsp, treesitter and lots of plugins. Includes additional themes for Kitty, Alacritty, iTerm and Fish.

3473 163 colorscheme

NeoVim dark colorscheme inspired by the colors of the famous painting by Katsushika Hokusai.

2175 80 colorscheme

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autopairs for neovim written by lua

1919 272 editing-support

Use treesitter to auto close and auto rename html tag

869 166 editing-support
1410 113 editing-support


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Neovim config for the lazy

5182 40 preconfigured

A launch point for your personal nvim configuration

4466 4 preconfigured

A full featured IDE layer for Neovim. Heavily inspired by VSCode.

656 4 preconfigured