Issue #20

Neovim Core updates

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: if you are a plugin author, you are strongly advised to follow the #14090 breaking changes on master GitHub thread, as it contains important breaking changes information.

  • tree-sitter-vimdoc#65 Code blocks inside vimdoc (:h doc) can now be highlighted with a specific language.

    If you are using nvim-treesitter, then run :TSUpdate help.

Neovim Plugin Community updates

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Need help {#need-help}

Neovim built-in options survey needs your contribution

Survey to find out how people use Neovim built-in options

Have you ever wondered, which leader key people use the most? Is it default \, <Space>, ,, or something else? And how about answering the eternal question "Tabs or spaces?"? This survey aims to gather data which will help answer this type of questions. And it needs your help!

It should take at most 5 minutes of your time. Basically: download Lua script (with this source code), source it inside your regular Neovim instance, copy output, paste in Google Form question, and submit. More information is inside post and submission form.

Guides, tours, articles, etc. {#guides}

New plugins {#new-plugins}



Completion source for nvim-cmp using Vlime for Common Lisp completions. By @HiPhish


This is a new special plugin that allows to minimize the amount of data to read to understand the content. I was not convinced at first… and after a couple of minutes, I was stunned to realize that actually works quite well! This is probably more interesting if you are reading prose rather than code.

A really nice addition by @nullchilly.



A plugin by @danielvolchek that uses nerdcave cheatsheet and exposes the same info. Pretty useful if you’re doing a lot of CSS and need a cheatsheet.



A pretty window for previewing, navigating and editing your LSP locations. By @DNLHC.



It's not because we use netrw that we cannot have nice things! This plugin adds a layer of ✨bling✨ and configuration to your favorite file explorer. By @prichrd.


Convenience file operations for Neovim, written in Lua. Among what it can do:

  • Rename current file.
  • Trash current file.
  • Move selection to new file.
  • Copy filename / filepath.

By @chrisgrieser.



This is a plugin for those looking for a VSCode-like experience in Neovim.

Some of the unique features:

  • A rich set of default plugins which make up an IDE experience:
  • A panel which stacks plugins similar to VSCode:
  • The ability to swap groups of plugins into panels, similar to VSCode:
  • A well defined API for creating out-of-tree plugins and extending nvim-ide.

Great work, @ldelossa.



Another out-of-the-box Neovim distribution. It includes a lot of plugins, offering full LSP and DAP support, treesitter, completions (with snippets), Git integration and many UI elements such as a file tree, code outline, floating terminal and a custom categorized right click menu to access some of tools built into Nvpunk. By @gabmus.

Updates {#updates}


A tiny UI suite designed to make your Neovim workflow faster.


The plugin got added a marks manager, allowing to add, navigate and delete them.

Did you know? {#tips}

You probably know the * key, which allows you to search the word under your cursor. Pressing n will go to the next occurrence, and pressing N will go backwards. If you press * on a word that is the last occurrenc in your buffer, it will go back up to the top of your buffer to continue searching, probably moving your view by quite a lot of lines.

Did you know that there is a key that allows to search the word under your keyword immediatly in backwards mode? Pressing n will continue searching backwards, and pressing N will go forward. That key is the # key!

Want to contribute? {#contribute}

You have noticed something missing that you saw lately? Do not keep the candies for yourself and please feel free to share with us! You can open a PR at This Week In Neovim Contents.

Feel free to read how to contribute to get started.