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Neovim Core updates {#core}

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: some updates might be missing from this week content. If you want to be sure to always keep up to date with what’s going on in Neovim Core, you are strongly advised to have a look to these places:

Neovim Plugin Community updates {#plugins}

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Guides, tours, articles, etc. {#guides}

Neovim 0.9 New Features

Elijah Manor published a new YouTube video Neovim 0.9 New Features where he highlights several new features from the recent Neovim 0.9.0 release. The contents from the slides can be found from the following gist.

New plugins {#new-plugins}


Unlist hidden buffers that are git ignored.


Introducing bufignore.nvim, a efficient plugin that helps you keep your buffer list tidy by automatically unlisting hidden Git ignored files. If you've ever found yourself annoyed by a cluttered buffer list, for example, when working with files within .git or node_modules, then this plugin is for you.

Bufignore comes with several features to help keep your buffer in check, including efficient event processing, support for changing the current working directory, and a customizable callback function to further configure which buffers should be unlisted. It works out-of-the-box without the need for additional configuration.


mini.colors (new module of mini.nvim) contains functionality to tweak and save any color scheme. It can create colorscheme object with methods to invert/set/modify/etc. lightness/saturation/hue/temperature/etc. of foreground/background/all colors, infer cterm attributes, add transparency, save to a file and more. Also has functionality for interactive experiments and animation of transition between color schemes.



A substitute of vim's :substitute that uses lua patterns instead of vim regex. Supports incremental preview.

For those of us who started using nvim after the introduction of lua and therefore never learned vimscript. (And do not want to learn it just for :substitute.)


  • Incremental preview of the substitution.
  • Supports ranges, with % as default.
  • The g flag is supported and works like with :substitute.
  • New flags: i for case-insensitive search and f for fixed strings (literal strings).
:%s /\(\w\+\)\d\+/\1/g          -- :substitute
:S /(%w+)%d+/%1/g               -- :AltSubstitute
deviceModel2020 -> deviceModel  -- effect



A new plugin by @IndianBoy42, that is a fuzzy version of the search command (/).



A new plugin for Neovim hooking up to OpenAI to implement various different situations. By @Bryley.

Did you know? {#tips}

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Special thanks {#special-thanks}

These people help contributing various updates about Neovim and its ecosystem! Thanks for your contributions! ❤️

Want to contribute? {#contribute}

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