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Neovim Core updates {#core}

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: some updates might be missing from this week content. If you want to be sure to always keep up to date with what’s going on in Neovim Core, you are strongly advised to have a look to these places:

Neovim Plugin Community updates {#plugins}

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Guides, tours, articles, etc. {#guides}

A guide on how to use Neorg

Neorg is an all-encompassing tool based around structured note taking, project and task management, time tracking, slideshows, writing typeset documents and much more.

Vhyrro one of the core contributors on the Neorg team has made a playlist of videos about how to setup and work using neorg.

New plugins {#new-plugins}


A project management plugin for Neovim with session support

conduct.nvim simplifies project management with an intuitive interface, keybinding commands, and preset options. It offers session storage, customizable hooks, and an easy-to-use API. The plugin integrates with Telescope for fast navigation between projects.

Made by @aaditeynair.



Togglescope is an extension for telescope.nvim that allows you to toggle between two picker configurations with just one keypress.

Made by @Theo.

Updates {#updates}


Automagically close the unedited buffers in your bufferlist when it becomes too long.

The new update allows to turn autoclosing on and off within the same neovim session. The autoclose feature was updated to be aware of which buffers are currently displayed in a window and prevents them from being autoclosed.

Did you know? {#tips}

Special thanks {#special-thanks}

These people help contributing various updates about Neovim and its ecosystem! Thanks for your contributions! ❤️

Want to contribute? {#contribute}

You have noticed something missing that you saw lately? Do not keep the candies for yourself and please feel free to share with us! You can open a PR at This Week In Neovim Contents.

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