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Neovim Core updates {#core}

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: some updates might be missing from this week content. If you want to be sure to always keep up to date with what’s going on in Neovim Core, you are strongly advised to have a look to these places:

New plugins {#new-plugins}

Neovim Plugin Community updates {#plugins}

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.


Introducing dropbar.nvim, the new winbar plugin designed for neovimmers! With dropbar.nvim, you can elevate your neovim experience to an IDE-like level. This standalone plugin offers support for various sources, including LSP (Language Server Protocol) and tree-sitter, enabling seamless integration with your coding workflow.

The plugin boasts a user-friendly interface with clickable items, allowing you to navigate through your code effortlessly. Not only can you use your mouse for interaction, but you can also leverage the keyboard in pick mode to efficiently navigate the available options.

One of the standout features of dropbar.nvim is its hierarchical structure display. The drop-down menu presents a clear overview of the symbol hierarchy in your code, enabling quick navigation and understanding of the codebase. Customizability is at the heart of dropbar.nvim. Tailor the appearance of the winbar and drop-down menu to your liking, and fine-tune other aspects of the plugin's behavior. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose your preferred sources for the winbar or even create your own sources.

As dropbar.nvim is still in its early stages, your feedback is invaluable.

Made by @Bekaboo.


tldr: Otter.nvim provides lsp features and a code completion source for code embedded in other documents

Otter.nvim has been released for more than a week but the author is currently promoting it a bit on reddit so thats why its mentoined here.

Introducing otter.nvim, the solution to harnessing the full power of language features in embedded code blocks! When code is embedded as blocks within a document, it often lacks the comprehensive language support typically available for pure files. That's where otter.nvim comes to the rescue. This innovative plugin creates and synchronizes hidden buffers, called otter buffers, each dedicated to a single language. By directing requests for code completion, documentation hover windows, and diagnostics from the main buffer to these otter buffers, otter.nvim ensures that you can enjoy all the cool language features you would typically have for a pure file. The plugin seamlessly integrates these language features into your editing experience, regardless of the context. With otter.nvim, you no longer have to compromise on functionality when working with embedded code. It enables you to work efficiently and effectively, with all the assistance and insights provided by language servers and intelligent code analysis. Experience the best of both worlds with otter.nvim. Unlock the full potential of your embedded code blocks and enjoy the same rich language features you would expect from working with pure files. Boost your productivity and code with confidence using otter.nvim.

This is can be used in other plugins as seen in: quarto-nvim.

Made by @Jannik Buhr.



bamboo.nvim is a Neovim colorscheme that is based on the popular onedark colorscheme. As a fork, it inherits the foundational design and aesthetics of onedark while adding its own unique features and modifications. The primary focus of bamboo.nvim is to provide a visually pleasing and eye-friendly experience. It achieves this by reducing the usage of blue and purple colors to minimize eye strain, while emphasizing red, yellow, and green for better readability. The comments are specifically styled to ensure good contrast with other text and the background, enhancing legibility. Additionally, bamboo.nvim extends support to various plugins, carefully selecting appropriate colors to maintain consistency across different tools. One of the notable aspects of bamboo.nvim is its customizability, allowing users to tweak colors, highlights, and code styles to suit their preferences. Overall, bamboo.nvim offers a modified take on the onedark colorscheme, delivering a visually comfortable and personalized coding environment in Neovim.

Made by @Riley Bruins.



Take Screenshots directly from Neovim and embed references into markdown documents. This plugin relies on maim being installed on your system.

Made by @Kiran Patel.


Yarepl.nvim is a powerful and flexible REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) management plugin for Neovim. It simplifies the process of interacting with a REPL and text buffer, making tasks such as sending and managing text and REPL buffers effortless.

Flexibility and parallelism are top priority. With yarepl.nvim, you can easily interact with multiple REPLs using various paradigms, such as sending text from multiple buffers to a single REPL, sending text from a single buffer to multiple REPLs, and sending text to a specific type of REPL. Plus, it offers native dot repeat functionality without requiring vim-repeat.

Made by @milanglacier.


Introducing the "rayso-nvim" plugin, a powerful tool for instantly sharing code snippets from your Neovim editor. Inspired by the popular "carbon-now.nvim" plugin, "rayso-nvim" provides a seamless experience for taking a visual selection of your code and quickly uploading it to With just a few simple commands, you can share your code snippets effortlessly, allowing others to view and collaborate on your work. "rayso-nvim" streamlines the process of code sharing, making it a valuable addition to your Neovim toolkit.

Made by @Tobin Palmer.


Simple and effective AI integration with your favorite text editor Neovim ! Ask a question, and let robots explAIn-it! This plugin empowers Neovim users to leverage the capabilities of AI models for various tasks. With explAIn-it.nvim, users can gain insights into code functionality by requesting explanations for either entire buffers or specific code selections. The plugin's AI-powered engine analyzes the code and provides detailed explanations, helping users understand complex logic and improve their comprehension of the codebase. Beyond code explanations, explAIn-it.nvim offers the ability to generate new code snippets using generative AI models. By specifying the desired functionality or requirements, the plugin can automatically generate code that aligns with the user's needs. Additionally, explAIn-it.nvim assists with unit test creation. It leverages the power of generative AI to generate unit tests for code, reducing the manual effort required for testing and ensuring comprehensive coverage. This automation streamlines the testing phase and helps maintain code quality. Another notable capability of explAIn-it.nvim is its ability to summarize lengthy text documents. By providing a document to the plugin, users can obtain concise summaries, saving time and effort when dealing with large volumes of information. The true power of explAIn-it.nvim lies in the remarkable quality and capabilities of generative AI models. Witnessing the potential firsthand, this plugin transforms the perception of generative AI from a distant concept to a practical tool that enhances productivity and creativity.

Experience the future of text editing with explAIn-it.nvim—a plugin that seamlessly integrates generative AI within Neovim, empowering users to leverage the potential of AI models. Explore a world where AI amplifies coding and writing abilities, making tasks more efficient and enabling new possibilities.

Made by @Trevor Facer.



Edgy.nvim is a powerful Neovim plugin designed to enhance your productivity by automating window management tasks, providing flexible layout options, and offering a personalized experience tailored to your preferences. With Edgy.nvim, you can take control of your editing environment and optimize your workflow like never before.

✨ Automatic Window Movement: Edgy.nvim allows you to define pre-defined layouts and effortlessly move windows, including floating windows, to their designated positions with a single command. No more manual resizing and repositioning of windows - Edgy.nvim handles it all for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

📐 Manage Layouts with Ease: With Edgy.nvim, you can manage layouts without disturbing your main editor splits. Whether you need to switch between different layout configurations or create new ones, Edgy.nvim keeps your existing editor setup intact, ensuring a seamless transition between layouts.

🔧 Customize Edgebar Window Options: Personalization is key, and Edgy.nvim understands that. You can tailor the edgebar window options to fit your unique style and preferences. From choosing the appearance to deciding which information to display, you have full control over how your edgebar windows look and function.

📌 Pinned Views for Easy Access: Important views shouldn't be buried or easily overlooked. With Edgy.nvim, you can pin views to the sidebar, ensuring they are always visible, even when no windows are currently associated with them. Stay organized and keep essential information at your fingertips.

⌨️ Simplify Navigation: Edgy.nvim makes navigation within the edgebar windows a breeze by providing buffer-local keymaps. Personalize your keybindings for each window type, making it easier to navigate and perform actions specific to those windows. Say goodbye to hunting for the right commands or shortcuts.

🎆 Stunning Animations: Who says window management can't be visually appealing? Edgy.nvim offers pretty animations that seamlessly integrate with popular plugins like mini.animate, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace transitions and enhancing your overall editing experience.

🧩 Plugin Compatibility: Edgy.nvim is designed to work seamlessly with any plugin. Explore Show and Tell snippets to integrate Edgy.nvim even better with plugins like neo-tree.nvim or bufferline.nvim. Enjoy the benefits of Edgy.nvim alongside your favorite Neovim plugins, taking your productivity to new heights. Embrace the power of Edgy.nvim and unlock the true potential of your Neovim editing environment. Streamline your workflow, effortlessly manage windows, and personalize your workspace to suit your needs. With Edgy.nvim, achieving a seamless and efficient editing experience has never been easier.

Made by the glorious @folke.



Introducing Markmap

Visualize your Markdown as mindmaps with markmap

This plugin is based on vim's coc-markmap. If you wanna know more about mindmap check their website.

Made by @Zeioth.

Updates {#updates}


A neovim plugin that lets you easily create Telescope pickers from arbitrary console commands.

A one off picker can now be created by calling

require('easypick').one_off('type your command here')

This will open up a picker just for the typed in command with default selection action and previewer


Automagically close the unedited buffers in your bufferlist when it becomes too long.

In the new release we introduce a telescope picker which is similar to telescope buffer picker but with additional hbac features such as displaying pin state, toggling pin state and deleting buffers.

Also we adjusted the order in which buffers get auto-closed so that if you have any unnamed buffers those will be closed first.

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