Issue #5

Neovim Core updates

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: if you are a plugin author, you are strongly advised to follow the #14090 breaking changes on master GitHub thread, as it contains important breaking changes information.

  • Following HEAD: breaking changes on master (#14090)
    • #19693: changed the nightly (and release) builds and appimages to be built on Ubuntu 20.04 instead of Ubuntu 18.04, which is being deprecated by Github. This means that Linux releases (including app images) from now on require GLIBC 2.29 or above. Users that cannot upgrade their distribution need to build from source instead.

Neovim Plugin Community updates

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Need help {#need-help}

LuaSnip is looking for testers

@L3MON4D3 is looking for help to test a "biiiig PR" about optionally using a jsregexp for better snippet parsing.

Guides, tours, articles, etc. {#guides}

Add dot-repeat support to your plugins

@kylechui wrote a Gist on how to add dot-repeat support to your plugin. They extend on using opfunc (see :h opfunc in your Neovim instance) to make dot-repeat even more usable. A great short article to read!

5 years of (Neo)vim - A personal retrospective

@jackpordi reflects on his 5 years of using Vim and Neovim, from his early days of being a complete newcomer, all the way rewriting everything in Lua and switching over to Neovim LSP. A piece containing lessons learnt over the years as well as future hopes and dreams.

Execute anything in Neovim

Another video by the @tjdevries about executing stuff in Neovim thanks to Lua.

Lightspeed / Leap: rethinking visual and operator pending keymaps

@ggandor made a proposal to change the way Lightspeed and Leap work regarding visual and operator-pending modes.

New plugins {#new-plugins}



A new (and first!) plugin by @lcheylus. overlength.nvim helps highlighting the part of a line that doesn't fit into textwidth (or any kind of width you like).



@gbrlsnchs made a new window picker plugin! Being used to nvim-window-picker, I can’t say it’s that similar, as the design choice of winpick.nvim is to put the jump shortcut as a float in the middle of the window. Quite similar, quite not. Eh. Nice work @gbrlsnchs!


A nice plugin by @MunifTanjim for local configuration with confirmation, which can be super useful depending on the project you work on. The announcement also has a blog article explaining the why and how of the plugin.



Woah, a new comer! Congrats to @axelvc for their first plugin, which is a template string converter which goal is to do the same as the VS Code Template String converter plugin. Nice work!



It’s 1Password, but it’s in Neovim. And it’s by @mrjones2014. Neat.


Inspired by vim-debugstring, @andrewferrier built this new plugin that does what its name says. It inserts debug statements via print calls. Long live print('aaaaaaaaaaaaa')!



You know sed? @otavioschwanck made something similar but more user-friendly, with support for multi-cursor, etc., and it’s in Neovim, of course. Great job.



New plugin for Elixir developers which adds a :Mix (or just :M) command to call any arbitrary Mix command. By @brendalf. 👏

Updates {#updates}



nvim-ts-rainbow gained improved support for highlighting JSX elements in JSX and TSX files in extended_mode. Only the tag names and angle brackets are highlighted. Props retain their usual highlighting, which makes them easier to read.


rust-tools.nvim got some breaking changes that you should know about. The announcement was made on Reddit by @simrat39.


debugpy.nvim 0.6.0 now defines a python debug adapter on startup if there is no such adapter registered in nvim-dap. This allows it to debug tests out of the box with Neotest.


nvim-ufo was updated to version v1.1.0! A super nice and interesting plugin by @kevinhwang91.

Did you know? {#tips}

nvim-cmp is a well known and widely used plugin for completion. But did you know that Neovim (Vim) already supports a wide variety of completion? Among the most useful ones, in insert mode:

  • The key sequence C-x C-n gives you words in the current file / buffer.
  • The key sequence C-x s brings a completion menu for spelling (to enable with :set spell).
  • A super useful one, C-x C-f gives you path completion, which is super useful!

More on that in your Neovim instance with :h ins-completion.

See you all next time for a full batch of Neovim updates on the 22nd Aug 2022!

Want to contribute? {#contribute}

You have noticed something missing that you saw lately? Do not keep the candies for yourself and please feel free to share with us! You can open a PR at This Week In Neovim Contents.

Feel free to read how to contribute to get started.