Kakuone in Neovim, LazyVim on Hacker News, updates from AstroNvim, NormalNvim, Lvim and 12 new plugins


Hello everyone 👋

This week we have news from 4 different Neovim distributions, 12 new plugins, interesting articles and guides. Hope you enjoy!

Neovim core

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.


  • feat(options)!: remove compatible behaviours for vim 5.0 and earlier 881d17
  • feat(lsp)!: rename vim.lsp.get_active_clients to get_clients 1b9ccd
  • feat(lsp): implement textDocument/diagnostic (#24128) 63b340

Neovim Plugin Community

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Resources & articles

Why modality and chording?

Some notes on text editing by noctuid

Modality and chording are not mutually exclusive. They both have a good use case and can be used together. Even if they don’t realize it, Emacs and Vim generally don’t exclusively stick to one model.

The article covers:

  • Why modality and chording?
  • Why Vim’s Modal System?
  • Why not Kakoune?
  • Why not other Emacs packages?
  • Vis

It's an interesting read, you can view the full article here

What is the best neovim setup? Lets build it

Educational YouTube video setting up a Neovim configuration with LazyVim

New plugins


🌒 Nord for Neovim, but warmer and darker. Supports a variety of plugins and other platforms.

A beautiful new colorscheme based on Nord and built for Neovim!


🧶 Automatically save your changes in NeoVim

auto-save.nvim is a lua plugin for automatically saving your changed buffers in Neovim. Forked from auto-save.nvim as active development has stopped.


An asynchronous, multitasking, and highly configurable formatting plugin.

Formatting and Linting are a hot discussion since the archiving of null-ls, and format.nvim is another take on formatting for Neovim. Take a look!


First select, then edit. A helix/kakoune-like editing in neovim

In nvim, you do c3w. Ah no! It was wrong, let's retry: uc5w... wooops! Sorry, it is still wrong: uc6w!

In Kakoune (which inspired Helix), you do the opposite: 3w. First select 3 words, then you see you still need three words, so 3w. Then finally d for deleting. In visual.nvim (and Helix), this actually becomes -3w3wd, with the - used for "extending" selections.

First select, then edit. This should be the way.

If you have been tempted by Kakoune and Helix editors, this may be your new plugin!


Generate markdown table of contents

This is a great plugin if you're writing a lot of markdown documents, automatically generate a Table of Contents based on the headings.


Pretty quickfix/location view for Neovim

qfview.nvim makes your quickfix/location window look nicer and function better. Meant to be the successor of nvim-pqf.

  • Works with both quickfix and location window
  • Consistent, aligned, shorter text display
  • Highlights for the item type (error, warning, etc)
  • Same file based folding
  • Should play well with other plugins



nvim-treesitter-based actions on JavaScript code

A simple plugin that uses nvim-treesitter actions to toggles between function and => syntax in JavaScript.


A minimal plugin to interact with Google Bard in Neovim


A neovim plugin to tunnell text from neovim to a tmux target pane, written in Lua.

One use case is having the comfort of editing code in neovim, while tunnelling it to a REPL to code iteractively.


Plan and Explore your terraform resources from nvim

If you do a lot of terraform manifests, and you would like to see quickly the current state of your objects or how the plan would look like, this plugin is for you.


A stripped down VimWiki for neovim

With kiwi.nvim, you can:

  • Organize notes and ideas
  • Manage to-do lists
  • Write documentation
  • Maintain a diary
  • Write blog posts to Hugo and Astro



A very simple plugin that allows multiple custom vim.ui.open handlers to co-exist

A very simple plugin that allows multiple custom vim.ui.open handlers to co-exist, allowing you to extend gx while retaining the default behaviour.

Updated plugins

LazyVim was top of Hacker News

Neovim config for the lazy

LazyVim was at the top of Hacker News this past week, and the post was heavily commented.

AstroNvim reaches 10k stars and releases v2 of AstroTheme

AstroNvim is an aesthetic and feature-rich neovim config that is extensible and easy to use with a great set of plugins

AstroNvim reaches 10k+ stars, 200+ plugins and releases v2 of AstroTheme - the theme provided by default in AstroNvim.

The AstroCommunity project grew to >200 entries (>150 individual Neovim plugins and >40 full language packs)!

Congratulations on the huge success, take a look at the Reddit post for more details!

Lvim IDE v4 released

LVIM IDE is a modular Neovim configuration written in LUA with full customization

  • LSP support for 60+ languages
  • Debug support for c, cpp, cs, dart, elixir, go, haskell, java, javascript/typescript, lua, php, python, ruby, rust, scala
  • Linters with efm (“golangci-lint”, “rubocop”, “flake8”, “cpplint”, “yamllint”, “vint”)
  • Formatters with efm (“stylua”, “yamlfmt”, “shfmt”, “cbfmt”, “prettierd”)
  • Automatically install dependencies (lsp servers, linters, formatters, debbugers) by filetype

Current version - 4.0.00 was released on 2023-07-03 and contains 125 plugins

NormalNvim v2.2 released

A normal NeoVim config

This week NormalNvim released v2.2 of their Neovim distribution. The features include:

  • Plugins are loaded lazily, providing super fast performance.
  • Plugins are self-contained: Allowing you to easily delete what you don't want.
  • Batteries included: Most plugins you will ever need are included and debugged by default. Get the best user experience out of the box and forget about nasty bugs in your Neovim config.
  • Plugin version lock: You can choose "stable" or "nightly" update channels. Or if you prefer, use :NvimFreezePluginVersions to create your own stable versions!
  • Rollbacks: You can easily recover from a nvim distro update using :NvimRollbackRestore
  • Hot reload: Every time you change something in your config, the changes are reflected on nvim on real time without need to restart.
  • Phone friendly: Good usability even on small screens.
  • Alternative mappings: By default the distro uses qwerty, but colemak-dh can be found here.
  • We don't treat you like you are stupid: Code comments guide you to easily customize everything. We will never hide or abstract stuff from you.


lspsaga.nvim, dashboard-nvim & zephyr.nvim move to nvimdev

glepnir, the author of several popular Neovim plugins, moved their Neovim related projects to a new home at nvimdev. Make sure you update your config accordingly! At nvimdev you can find 55 interesting Neovim related projects so make sure you take a look and give glepnir a follow!




wiki.vim v0.8 released

A wiki plugin for Vim

wiki.vim is a Vim plugin for writing and maintaining a personal wiki. The plugin was initially based on vimwiki, but it is written mostly from scratch and is based on a more "do one thing and do it well" philosophy.


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