Configure your options with :options, Tailwind utility, GPT and AI plugins for Neovim and 12 plugins!


Hello everyone 👋

This week we have a lot of exciting news from the Neovim ecosystem!

  • Updates from 12 plugins
  • Available Neovim plugins for AI and GPT
  • Tips on how to configure your Neovim :options
  • A new Tailwind utility
  • A plugin usage survey on reddit!

I will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so don't expect a TWiN issue for the next 2 weeks. But we will be back with more news soon!

Neovim core

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.


Neovim Plugin Community

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.


Configure your options with :options


Executing the :options command gives you a list of all options where you can:

  1. See the current value of the option
  2. Read a description of the option
  3. Update the value in real time

As you would do in a graphical editor!

Thank you Tornax07 for the tip!

Utility for tailwind to get applied CSS values on an element


MaximilianLloyd created a utility for tailwind to get all applied CSS values on an element. Maybe it will become a plugin if people show interest, but in the meanwhile you can use the code snippet from their dotfiles.

Reddit plugin survey

u/PythonPizzaDE did a survey about plugin usage on r/neovim. Check out the results on Reddit

The survey askls questions such as:

  • What colorscheme do you use?
  • Do you use a file tree plugin?
  • What git client do you use?

And more!

New plugins


Send buffers into early retirement by automatically closing them after x minutes of inactivity.

This plugin will help keep your bufferline clean by closing buffers that you have been inactive for a certain amount of time. Great plugin to try out if you're frustrated by a cluttered bufferline!


Fold with relentless elegance.


  • Use h at the first non-blank character of a line (or before) to fold. Use l anywhere on a folded line to unfold it.
  • Pause folds while searching, restore folds when done with searching.
  • Remember folds across sessions.



Visualize your Markdown as mindmaps with markmap


A neovim version of the inline fold plugin

inline-fold.nvim is a Neovim plugin inspired by the vscode plugin inline-fold. It provides a convenient way to define patterns in files that get concealed inline. This can be used for many things for example for CSS classes in HTML files especially with TailwindCSS


A neovim plugin to work with floating windows.

This is an experimental plugin that adds animations for floating windows in Neovim. Overrides the default nvim_open_win to achieve the open animation effect.


Jetbrains Darcula Dark for Neovim.

The Darcula Dark theme is a Neovim colorscheme that's designed to emulate the popular Darcula color scheme from JetBrains' GoLand IDE. It is ideal for long hours of coding, offering a dark theme that's easy on the eyes. Despite trying various alternatives in Neovim, we found nothing quite matched up, hence we embarked on creating this color scheme ourselves.


Screensaver plugin for neovim.


A duck that waddles arbitrarily in neovim.

Coding? release the duck. bored? release the duck. not bored? release the duck.


NeoVim plugin with which you can track the time you spent on files, projects, repos, filetypes

A timer starts when you enter a buffer and stops when you leave the buffer (or quit nvim). Both normal and insert mode is counted.

There is inactivity detection, which means that if you don't have any keys pressed down (normal, insert mode) then the timer is stopped automatically. Please see the configuration to set your personal preference.


A Paredit implementation for Neovim, built using Treesitter and written in Lua.

The goal of nvim-paredit is to provide a comparable s-expression editing experience in Neovim to that provided by Emacs. This is what is provided:

  • Treesitter based lisp structural editing and cursor motions
  • Dot-repeatable keybindings
  • Language extensibility
  • Programmable API



GP (GPT Prompt) plugin for Neovim

Gp.nvim provides you ChatGPT like sessions and instructable text/code operations in your favorite editor.

Updated plugins

Awesome AI plugins for Neovim

Dotfyle and awesome-neovim now track Neovim plugins with the AI tag. These are some plugins you should try out to interact with Chat GPT and other LLM's directly from Neovim.

Updates to replacer.nvim

A powerful refactoring tool for nvim.

replacer.nvim makes quickfix windows editable, allowing changes to both the content of a file and its path. You can use this to rename variables and files easily. When moving a file around, if the origin folder gets empty, it's deleted.


  • By default, writing the quickfix buffer will apply the changes. Now you can turn off this behavior and instead map your own shortcuts to save changes.
  • There is an option to not rename/move files.


Dotfyle updates

Discover and share Neovim configs and plugins

Auto generated README for configs

Dotfyle will now auto generate a README for your Neovim configuration. The README will list your plugins, language servers, plugin manager and leaderkey. You can copy the markdown, edit it how you prefer it and use it on your GitHub README.

Showcase your Neovim plugins usage with a badge

You can add a badge to your Neovim plugins GitHub Readme to show the number of configs on Dotfyle using your plugin. This can help users of your plugin find other Neovim configurations with the plugin for inspiration.

Neovim config install instructions

Dotfyle now shows install instructions for every Neovim configuration so you can easily try out others configurations. The instructions use NVIM_APPNAME so that you do not have to replace your own config.

Profile pages now list authored Neovim plugins

Now it's easy to find all the Neovim plugins by your favorite plugin author in the same place. Just head over to their Dotfyle profile and they will be listed there.


Add your the plugin in either of the following to be featured in This Week in Neovim and Dotfyle:

Contribute to the development of Dotfyle:

  • File issues and submit pull requests on GitHub
  • Discuss ideas on Discord