packer.nvim is unmaintained with pckr.nvim as a spiritual successor, treesitter query editor added to Neovim core, and floating windows can have a footer


This week we have several exciting updates from Neovim core, including a treesitter query editor built into Neovim, a footer feature for floating windows, and more!

In the plugin community packer.nvim is now officially unmaintained, but there is a spiritual successor availabler in pckr.nvim.

There are also exciting new plugins to check out!


Neovim core

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

nvim_open_win() now supports footer and footer_pos options. They are symmetrical to title and title_pos options, but affect the bottom part of floating window border.

Built-in Treesitter live query editor/previewer now part of Neovim!

vim.treesitter.preview_query() is now available for live editing treesitter queries. Try it on Neovim nightly with :PreviewQuery.

Other Commits on Nightly

Neovim Plugin Community

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

New plugins


Neovim DevDocs integration


Neovim plugin to show diagnostics summary in the buffer's corner, similar to JetBrains' inspections widget.


Neovim port of noctis family of themes (


A neovim theme that highly restores vscode, so that your friends will no longer be surprised that you use neovim, because they will think you are using vscode ..


Gitlab integration with Neovim that lets you review MRs within the editor.


Delicious diagnostic debugging in Neovim šŸ¤¤


A modern which-key for neovim


šŸ“š A Neovim plugin to show :help in an anchorable/resizable floating window


a lightweight ChatGPT plugin for neovim


a neovim plugin that creates a vertical split window to help you manage and navigate your buffers more efficiently


Formatter plugin for Neovim


DeepWhite colorscheme for Neovim.


Chrome DevTools Protocol Lua API for Neovim


Plugin for Neovim to enhance the experience of developing a site using a static site generator.


Spiritual successor of


Macrothis is a plugin for neovim to save and load macros Resources

Updated plugins

wbthomason/packer.nvim is now unmaintained

Last week the README was updated with this notice of the projects current status.

NOTICE: This repository is currently unmaintained. For the time being (as of August, 2023), it is recommended to use one of the following plugin managers instead:

  • lazy.nvim: Most stable and maintained plugin manager for Nvim.
  • pckr.nvim: Spiritual successor of packer.nvim. Functional but not as stable as lazy.nvim.

packer.nvim now officially recommends using either lazy.nvim or pckr.nvim in its place.

Reintroducing commander.nvim

Create and manage keybindings and commands in a more organized manner, and search them quickly through Telescope

hardtime.nvim - more hints, custom hints, hardtime report

A Neovim plugin that helps you establish better habits by preventing repeated key presses and offering hints for better commands

šŸ” More hints

šŸŽØ Custom Hints: Besides the default hints, you can also add your own hint rules by defining Lua string pattern.

šŸ“Š Hardtime Report: Get the report of your most common bad habits for improvement and then address them accordingly.

Dotfyle now provides a list of popular Neovim color schemes with images in focus, ranked based on recent plugin installations and total installs.

The trending tab is ranked based on recent installs and the top tab is based on on total installs.

Dotfyle tracks 777 (and growing) Neovim configurations and syncs them every day to detect installed and removed plugins. Both lists will change as usage changes, so if you like exploring color schemes keep an eye open.


Add your the plugin in either of the following to be featured in This Week in Neovim and Dotfyle:

Contribute to the development of Dotfyle:

  • File issues and submit pull requests on GitHub
  • Discuss ideas on Discord